Covid-19. “The poor are immune” to the coronavirus, says Barbosa, Mexican governor

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The governor of Puebla, the morenista Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta assured that the coronavirus It mainly attacks the “well-off people” and assured that the “poor” are immune.

In his press conference, the state president affirmed that the majority of those affected by the virus are wealthy people.

“There are many people out of the 40 people, some are parents, yes, most are well-off people, do you know or not? If you are rich, you are at risk, if you are poor, no, the poor are immune,” he said. .

During the meeting, the president and the health authorities announced that a total of 38 people tested positive for coronavirus.

The secretary of Health of the state government, Jorge Humberto Uribe Téllez, revealed that of this total, 28 cases are due to importation, 7 associated with importation, one asymptomatic and two by community transmission.

The state official detailed that so far they have made 158 samples with 38 positives and ten in the verification process.

So far, eight people have been admitted to hospitals in different regions of the State, of which seven are reported as stable and one delicate, the latter who had to be transferred to Mexico City.



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