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The Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced that in the week of June 10 to 16, 13,810 new cases of covid-19 were registered in the national territory after processing 128,803 tests.

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Given the increase in new infections for several weeks, the Minister of Health Fernando Ruiz recently assured that Colombia, like other countries in the world, was facing a fifth peak of infections due to the circulation of an omicron subvariant.

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For its part, the National Institute of Health assured that the variant that circulates predominantly in the country is ómicron and its subvariant BA.2, being responsible for 64.33% of the cases.

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However, health authorities have said that the omicron variant of the virus – predominant in the country – has been shown to be more contagious but less deadly.

“We have seen that in the last few days compared to other weeks Infections have risen, fortunately we cannot say that this is being seen in terms of lethality”said the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, indicating that, according to figures from the Ministry of Health, “the accumulated positivity grew to 12%, when a decrease had been achieved, months ago, to 2%”, although it is not compared with other peaks of the pandemic.

Consequently, the minister announced that in Colombia “there is a small peak. In fact, last week the number of cases increased, 3,092 more cases, and we are seeing that in Colombia a new subvariant of omicron is growing, which is B4”.

The minister clarified that this is a peak of infections, not of deaths, in which the country remains stable, which gives clarity of the level of protection that Colombians have, thanks to the vaccines.

“In fact, hospitalizations for intensive care in Colombia have come
substantially reduced,” he explained. In this way, it is clear that what exists is a panorama of greater contagion without greater mortality or severity.

And he completed that the current lethality is well below 1, in contrast to the 2.2 that was had during the pandemic. “Really ómicron is a variant that is highly transmissible but definitely shows low mortality.”

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Given the increase in new infections, The entity was emphatic in saying that habits such as hand washing and the intelligent use of face masks must be maintained.

Vaccination against covid-19.


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The Ministry of Health called on all territorial entities and health service providers to “maintain the effort to guarantee the population access to vaccines”said Claudia Cuéllar, director of Epidemiology and Demography.

The official explained that since May 6 there has been an increase in the number of reported cases, “unlike that fifth peak that we see incipient, in deceased we have not presented a significant increase in the report. However, deaths continue to occur.

The strengthening of the surveillance of respiratory diseases and the increase in the proportion of vaccinated has allowed the country to maintain a certain degree of epidemiological stability, but the specialists mention that it is important to apply the reinforcements according to the indications given.

From the Ministries of Health, experts have added that not only access to vaccines must be guaranteed, but also to diagnostic tests, in accordance with the guidelines for tests, which should continue to guide clinical management.

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Consequently, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, explained that the Group of Experts and the Vaccine Advisory Committee recommended the application of a fourth dose for the population aged 12 to 49 years. The portfolio manager reiterated that for this age group, the application of the biological will only be under medical recommendation.

In addition, the official pointed out that Epidemiological surveillance must be strengthened and it must be taken into account that the simultaneous circulation of viruses, that currently occurs in the country, increases the demand for health services.

In this regard, Cuellar said that Risk communication campaigns should be reinforced, especially so that the population most susceptible to complications maintains biosecurity measures.

On the other hand, the director of Promotion and Prevention, Gerson Bermont stressed that given the trend of a fifth peak, Risk communication in communities must be improved, because, according to epidemiological surveillance, this fifth peak of covid-19 could consolidate in the coming weeks.

The director added that the people who are currently entering the ICU services are those who have not been vaccinated, have not completed the schemes or have not attended for the booster doses.

“The figures for the progress of the National Vaccination Plan must be consistent with what is happening in the territories. We must remember that what we are looking for is a sustained immunity that ensures that the antibodies in people remain active, to be able to combat the virus that is still circulating among us,” he concluded.

The authorities have emphasized that it is essential that people continue to implement measures such as constant hand washing; Start, complete and apply reinforcement of the vaccination scheme against covid-19; increase the permanent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and elements of constant and direct contact, among other.

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