Covid: 40,580 positive, 98 victims. Rate at 18.74% – Medicine

There are 40,580 new infected with Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours (yesterday they were 45,705), according to data from the Ministry of Health. The victims are 98 (66 were notified yesterday). The positivity rate is 18.74% (yesterday it was 19.18%). The molecular and antigenic swabs carried out were 216,511 compared to 238,253 of the previous day.

The total number of Covid cases detected since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy is 23,030,777, as emerges from the bulletin of the Ministry of Health. There are 244 patients admitted to intensive care in the balance between income and expenses (yesterday they were 236), or 8 more, while the daily admissions are 36. The hospitalized in ordinary wards are 6,540 (yesterday they were 6,358), that is 182 more. The currently positives are 542,766. 22,310,128 have been discharged and healed, while the total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic are 177,883.


Another leap was recorded this week for the Rt transmissibility index and the incidence of Covid-19 cases in Italy. Indeed, RT rises to 1.30 compared to 1.18 last week and is above the threshold value of unity. The incidence instead reaches the value of 504 per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to 441 of 7 days ago. This is highlighted by the weekly ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring on the trend of Covid-19.

Covid patients admitted to hospital wards are increasing. According to the monitoring, the employment rate in intensive care in fact rises to 2.4% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health on 13 October) compared to 1.8% in the previous week (daily survey by the Ministry of Health on 6 October). The employment rate in medical areas at the national level, on the other hand, rose to 10.0% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health on 13 October) compared to 8.2% (survey on 6 October).

This week, the number of Regions that exceed the alert threshold of 15% with respect to the occupation by Covid patients of ordinary hospital wards rises this week. The Regions and Autonomous Provinces (PA) are in fact 6 over the alert threshold compared to 4 last week. These are Calabria (16%), Friuli Venezia Giulia (17.5%), Bolzano PA (23.6%), Trento PA (17.2%), Umbria (26.6%) and Valle d’Aosta where the highest value is recorded, equal to 56.7%. This is shown in the table on decision-making indicators attached to the ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring on Covid-19, which ANSA was able to view.