Covid, 44,672 cases, 62 victims. Double monoclonals in 7 days – Healthcare

I’m 44,672 new people infected with Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours (yesterday there were 44,853), according to data from the Ministry of Health. The victims are 62 (56 were notified yesterday). The positivity rate is 21.7% (yesterday it was 20.1%). The molecular and antigenic swabs carried out were 205,555 compared to 222,926 of the previous day.

New leap in incidence and Rt: the weekly incidence at national level rises to 441 per 100,000 inhabitants (30/09/2022 -06/10/2022) against 325 per 100,000 inhabitants last week (23/09/2022 -29/09/2022). There was also a sharp increase in the transmissibility index Rt: in the period 14 September-27 September, the Rt was equal to 1.18 (range 0.98-1.52), an increase compared to the previous week (when it was equal to a 1) and above the epidemic threshold value. Rt based on hospitalized cases is also increasing, at 1.28. This is highlighted by the weekly monitoring Iss-Ministry of Health.

The employment rate in the ICU of Covid patients sale al 1.8% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health as of 06 October) compared to 1.4% (survey as of 29 September). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide also rises to 8.2 %% (as of 06 October) compared to 6.0% on 22 September.

The percentage of cases detected through contact tracing activity is stable compared to the previous week (12% vs 11%). The percentage of cases detected through the onset of symptoms was also stable (53% compared to 54% seven days ago), as was the percentage of cases diagnosed through screening activities (35% compared to 35% again last week).

Meanwhile, treatments with monoclonal antibodies are increasing. There were 79,666 treatments with monoclonal antibodies against Covid started from March 2021 to October 5 and the prescriptions for use as therapy have doubled in the last week. From 22 September to 5 October, 4.5 doses per million inhabitants of the thixagevimab-cilgavimab mix were prescribed compared to 2.4 doses in the previous week, equal to + 107.8%. While sotrovimab prescriptions were 3.5 per million inhabitants compared to 1.9 in the previous week, equal to + 81.6%. The use of tixagevimab-cilgavimab in prophylaxis also increased by 64% in 7 days. This is what emerges from the 61st AIFA report.

The number of Regions and Autonomous Provinces that record an incidence of Covid-19 cases exceeding 600 per 100 thousand inhabitants rises. This week 7 Regions and Autonomous Provinces exceed this value: Abruzzo (603.8), Friuli Venezia Giulia (710), PA Bolzano (863.8), PA Trento (825.2), Piedmont (654.7), Umbria ( 680.6), Veneto (728.9). Last week only the PA Bolano and Trento exceeded this value. This is shown in the table on decision-making indicators attached to the weekly monitoring of the Iss-Ministry of Health, which ANSA was able to view.