Covid craze, Dutch hospital sends patients to Germany and postpones surgery

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Dutch start sending patients Covid-19 ke German to ease the pressure on hospitals that are overwhelmed with the new wave of infections corona virus in the last few weeks.

Dutch health officials said a patient was transferred by ambulance from Rotterdam to a hospital in Bochum, Germany, 240 kilometers away.

A number of other patients will also be sent to the same city on different days.

So far, hospitals in Germany in total have so far offered 20 beds for Dutch Covid-19 patients. In fact, Germany is still facing a similar wave of Covid-19.

The number of Covid-19 patients in Dutch hospitals has continued to soar to the highest level in recent weeks.

As many as 488 of the total 1,050 intensive care room (ICU) beds in Dutch hospitals have been filled with Covid-19 patients.

Hospitals have also reduced their admissions for non-Covid-19 patients, including cancer patients and heart surgery, to make room for coronavirus treatment.

Quoted ReutersThe Dutch Health Authority (NZA) said nearly a third of all operating theaters in Dutch hospitals had been closed to limit ICU use.
One-fifth of the total hospitals in the Netherlands, said NZA, were also forced to postpone critical surgery schedules for non-Covid patients.

Authorities predict the surge in Covid-19 patients will still occur as daily coronavirus infections in the Netherlands continue to record record highs.

On Tuesday (11/23), the Netherlands recorded around 23,000 Covid-19 cases in 24 hours. During the week, the Netherlands detected a total of 153,957 new Covid-19 cases, up 39 percent from the previous week.

The Netherlands has again tightened restrictions on Covid-19, including re-implementing the mandatory use of masks.

Another plan is to limit public access to public places regardless of their vaccination status.

This series of tightening restrictions received protests from some people, sparking violent demonstrations for three consecutive days.


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