Covid, Crisanti: “Third dose to everyone if we don’t want to end up like in GB”

“If the long-term goal is to block transmission and continue to have a life like this, without the worries that Britain has right now, it’s clear that the third dose must be given to everyone.” These are the words of Andrea Crisanti, director of the Microbiology department at the University of Padua, who spoke during the program “Rotocalco 264”, broadcast on Cusano Italia Tv.

A public health need


Covid Campania, De Luca: “Everyone will get the third dose of vaccine”

As confirmed by Crisanti, there is “an indication of opportunity and a general indication of public health”, explained the professor. “The indication of expediency is that we know that the protection after six months drops significantly, so all vulnerable people and health professionals should do it as soon as possible,” he added during the interview. Then, he continued, there is also “a need for public health because most people after 6 months from the second dose become much more susceptible to transmit the disease and in some cases even to get sick”, confirmed the expert. Ultimately, he stressed, “the third dose must be considered as a real long-term public health program”.

A balance between vaccinated and cured

What is Crisanti’s prediction regarding the possible third dose of anti-Covid vaccine for everyone? “It is likely that every year we will need to repeat the vaccination, I think that a balance will have to be reached at the population level between vaccinated people and cured people who block the spread of the virus, this is a natural process that gradually stabilizes”, he said. clarified, in conclusion. “Completely eliminating a virus that has stabilized is practically impossible,” he said.

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