Covid: “current measures are sufficient” but the Minister of Health calls on “the oldest and immunocompromised” to “intensify vaccination”

The Minister of Health calls for “citizen responsibility” as the shadow of a 7th wave of Covid threatens the country.

While the pandemic worries again, with a tripling of the number of contaminations over the last three weeks, the Minister of Health Brigitte Bourguinon seemed to reject the implementation of new health restrictions. “The current measures are enough if everyone gets involved” she said.

It is therefore a call for individual responsibility that Brigitte Bourguignon launched at the approach of the summer season. “We test ourselves if we have symptoms, we isolate ourselves if we are positive…” reminded the minister.

“Vaccination is the best weapon we have”

However, the only recommendation concerns “the older and immunocompromised” for which she asks to “intensify vaccination”.

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