Covid, Draghi: ‘Vaccine breakthrough, but the pandemic is not over’ – Politics

“I would like to thank President Biden and all the organizers for hosting this important meeting. The development of effective vaccines and the organization of successful vaccination campaigns have marked a turning point in the fight against the pandemic. In many of our countries we have lifted restrictions, reopened schools, revived the economy. We’ve saved lives – and we’re back to normal life. But – as we all know – the pandemic is not over. “Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this in a video message on the occasion of the second Global Covid Summit, as reported by the twitter account of Palazzo Chigi.

“We are still behind in our common goal of vaccinate 70% of the population in each country by mid-2022. The vaccination gap is narrowing, but the coverage rate in some countries remains below 10% “. Thus Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the Global Covid Summit.” Italy has already contributed to the multilateral response to the pandemic with 445 million and has already committed to donating 69.7 million doses through Covax. Today I can announce that Italy will donate an additional 31 million doses through Covax and we are also committed to donating 200 million euros through the ACT-Accelerator “.

“The Italian Presidency of the G20 has launched a joint Finance-Health task force, aimed at exploring a new tool to finance pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. It is essential to reach a broad consensus on an inclusive instrument, with al center the WHO, to ensure its effective implementation and ample funding. Italy is strongly committed to ending this pandemic and preventing future ones. We are ready to continue working together – with urgency and determination. ” So Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the Global Covid Summit



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