COVID, February 22 in Thailand add 89 more cases, 25,504 cumulative infections.

The Coronavirus Disease Situation Management Center 2019 (COVID-19) or the Commission on the COVID situation today (22 Feb 2021) in Thailand has increased 89 new cases.

Of those cases, 73 were domestic, 59 were new from surveillance and service systems, 14 were community-based proactive search and 14 of those who came from abroad. Entered 16 State Quarantine.

This resulted in a cumulative 25,504 confirmed patients, 24,361 were recovered and no more deaths today. Causing the total number of deaths to accumulate at 83

Situation of COVID-19 infection in the country (new wave) 89 new cases, 21,267 cumulative confirmed cases, 20,184 recovered cases, 23 cumulative deaths

Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) cases worldwide Total number of cases: 111,954,201 cases, 93,925 severe cases, 87,314,851 cured cases, 2,477,819 deaths

Countries with the highest number of cases of infection
1. United States number 28,765,423
2. India 11,005,071 operators
3. Brazil: 10,168,174 operators
4. Russia 4,164,726 dead.
5. The United Kingdom: 4,115,509

By Thailand Ranked 114th with 25,504


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