Covid, Fiaso: the decline in hospitalizations stops, doubling among children

Sentinel hospitals belonging to the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals have reported this. In the week between 14 and 21 June, in fact, a total decrease of only 2 hospitalized was detected throughout the Italian territory. Small hospitalized patients, especially infants between 0 and 6 months, went from 5 to 14 in the space of seven days

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The hospitalization curve for Covid-19 in Italy is currently “flat”. This was reported by the Italian Federation of Healthcare Companies and Hospitals (Fiaso) which reported, in a note, that after the progressive slowdown of the previous weeks, the survey of 21 June at the sentinel hospitals of the network certified an arrest of this reduction and a substantial stability. Also based on the latest available data, it emerged that hospitalizations for Covid in pediatric age, while remaining limited, have more than doubled. In resuscitation, the report again reported, 100% of the vaccinated had other pathologies, while only 27% of the frail subjects received the fourth dose.

Data analysis


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Going into the details of the monitoring, Fiaso reported that the weekly variations of Covid patients, both in the ordinary wards and in the intensive care units, are minimal. In the week between 14 and 21 June, in fact, a decrease of only 2 hospitalized in the 20 hospitals belonging to the network was noted. At a geographical level, the analysis of admissions highlighted that in the Southern Regions the curve continued to decline (-8.8%), in the North it showed a slight rise (+ 2.1%), while in the Center it grew more (+ 10.8%). Then considering the patients hospitalized in intensive care due to Covid-19 and with respiratory and pulmonary syndromes, 37% of them are unvaccinated while among the vaccinated, almost all of them for over 4 months now, 100% are affected by comorbidities.

The new variant of the virus

According to Giovanni Migliore, president of Fiaso, “the increase in the circulation of the virus with the new variant has resulted in a setback in the reduction of hospitalizations that we must carefully monitor and which may lead to a slight increase in the coming weeks, as has already happened. in some Region “. However, he continued, “there are still 10 million Italians who have not had the third vaccination dose: the population subjected to the primary vaccination cycle is about 52 million while only 42 million have joined the additional dose”. The data, he explained again, are “even lower for the fourth booster dose intended for the elderly and the most frail: only 27% of the audience of those to whom it is recommended underwent vaccination”.

Pediatric hospitalizations more than doubled


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Finally, as mentioned, considering pediatric patients, hospitalizations for Covid, while remaining limited, have more than doubled. In most cases, these are very young children, in particular infants between 0 and 6 months who, in the space of a week, have almost tripled, from 5 to 14 patients. Furthermore, for the first time in 5 weeks now, there has been only one hospitalization in intensive care for Covid, namely a child in the 5-11 year-old age group without comorbidities. “Two hospitalizations with Covid in intensive care are also reported, one under six months of age and the other in the 12-18 class not vaccinated”, Fiaso explained in the note.