Covid, how to book the third dose of vaccine region by region

The third dose “is likely to be needed by everyone”. This was underlined by the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri. Here then, for some Italian regions, all the access methods necessary for booking the additional dose of the anti-Covid vaccine

“The third dose is likely to be necessary for everyone.” Undersecretary for Health Pierpaolo Sileri underlined this: the new vaccination was launched on 20 September with the start of additional doses for the approximately 3 million “fragile” patients. From 27 September, the third “booster” dose for over 80s, RSA and healthcare professionals was also approved. The third dose, in fact, can be considered in two ways. As an additional dose it represents an additional dose to complete the vaccination course and can be administered after 28 days from the completion of the primary course. It concerns immunocompromised patients, including dialysis, cancer, oncohematology and bone marrow transplant patients. As a “booster” dose, however, at least 6 months must have elapsed from the administration of the second dose of anti-Covid vaccine. But how can you access the reservation? Here are the main indications for some Italian regions.



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Starting from the North, in Lombardy transplanted and immunocompromised citizens can already book the third dose to complete the primary vaccination cycle. The “booster” dose, at the moment, is intended for citizens over 80 years old, for those who exercise health professions or in public and private health, social and welfare structures, in pharmacies, parapharmacies and in offices professional. You can book your appointment online through the dedicated platform, choosing from the available dates. It is necessary to enter the health card number, the tax code and the mobile number. There is also a dedicated call center, at the toll-free number 800 – 894545 or you can use the “Postamat” service for those who are customers of Poste Italiane. To do this, you must go to one of the ATMs of the Italian Post Office, enter the health card, the postal code of your residence or domicile and your mobile number.


In Piedmont, the almost 170,000 frail people (without considering the immunosuppressed, the first to start with the third dose), are summoned by the health authorities for the new administration of the anti-Covid vaccine. The population potentially affected for the third dose, among the over 60 who have already completed the first vaccination cycle, includes about 665 thousand people (excluding over 80, health workers, people with high frailty and guests and RSA operators). For those over 60, the third dose has already started in recent days and will allow direct access to 50 regional vaccination centers until 31 October. From November, considering the rest of the population involved, it will be possible to book an appointment for the third additional dose on the dedicated platform.



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All citizens of Veneto aged 60 or more, who have received the booster of the anti-Covid vaccine for at least 180 days, can already book the third dose on the single portal of the Region. Alternatively, you can contact the number 800-462340 to get more information on the matter.

Emilia Romagna

The recipients of the additional doses in Emilia-Romagna will be called directly by the reference USL. The plan provides for third doses for healthcare personnel, for professionals most at risk, for highly frail subjects and therefore for all over 60s, starting from the 70-79 range and then continuing with the 60-69 range. Reservations embrace different methods: we move from the direct call of the citizen who only has to confirm the appointment, to the classic method via the web, to telephone switchboards and CUP, the Single Booking Centers. All information in this regard can be found on the dedicated platform.


In Lazio, those over 80 already vaccinated at home are contacted by the local health authorities. Unvaccinated people can request vaccination at their home by calling 06-164161841. For a few days it has been possible to book the third dose of the anti Covid-19 vaccine for people with a minimum age of 60, vaccinated for at least 180 days (full cycle). The reservation can be made online with a health card and tax code. For any assistance, the number 06-164161841 is active, from Monday to Friday with hours until 19.30 and on Saturdays until 13.



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The third dose for all people over 80, immunocompromised and frail has already taken at the end of September, as well as that for health professionals and over 60, a few days later. The administration can take place, without reservation, in some vaccination hubs (Mostra d’Oltremare vaccination center, from Monday to Sunday from 9 to 18; Fagianeria vaccination center in Capodimonte, from Monday to Sunday from 9 to 18; vaccination center in Capri, Friday from 9 to 16 as well as in the vaccination centers of the basic city districts). The same vaccination centers continue the administration, without reservation, of the third additional doses for citizens who fall within the categories provided by the Ministry of Health.


In Sicily, after over eighty, frail patients and doctors, from 19 October all over 60s can receive the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. Reservations can be made on the appropriate platform or by contacting the toll-free number 800 – 009966, active from Monday to Friday until 6pm. To complete the process, you must report your tax code, health card number and mobile phone number.