Covid, “I was healthy but I was hospitalized, I got vaccinated as soon as I could”, the story of Gianni suffering from severe bilateral pneumonia

TRENTO. “More or less a year ago, after more than a week of fever and cough managed at home, i was diagnosed a bilateral pneumonia who did not show up the day before ”. Thus opens the story of Giovanni Sbetti, “Gianni” for friends, a young father from Valsugana that in spite of himself he had to deal with the infamous Sars-Cov-2. The infection suddenly degenerated “just as suddenly – continues the young father – within a few minutes I was running out of breath: I spent the last one asking the doctor for help ”. The latter was decisive for the diagnosis, “she has always been attentive in inquiring daily about my condition, it was she who noticed the pneumonia in progress “.

However, Gianni’s conditions are very serious, so much so that an ambulance has to intervene for his transfer to the hospital. “After an evening of checks at the Borgo Valsugana hospital, since the oxygen mask alone was not enough, I was transferred to pneumology in Arco where there was a chance to treat my lack of oxygen with the CPAP helmet “.

It was the November 20, 2020. 234 positives were recorded that day, 417 were hospitalized while the beds occupied in intensive care were 38. Beyond 3,000 positive people. Today (data updated to 23 November), one year later with 85.1% of Trentino over 12 vaccinated, the numbers are very different. The inmates in the normal wards are just 48 (8 times less) while there are 5 patients in intensive care. The positives, as reported by the Ministry of Health, stop at 1.188, just over a third compared to 2020.

“Covid-19 attacked me with incomprehensible violence considering that I did not accuse any health problems”, recalls Gianni. “In that period people were dying much more sporty and healthier than me”. Only after a few weeks the young father from Valsugana returned to breathe autonomously, albeit with the help of oxygen.

“The theme is that it does not always and only happen ‘to others’, ‘to the elderly’, ‘to those already compromised’, but it can happen to you too. When my turn came I got vaccinated. I mainly did it so as not to have to repeat this experience, not to make those around me repeat it ‘from afar’ and to reduce the overall risk of spreading the infection. Not everyone was as lucky as I was to get over the disease and fully recover since being able to go to 3,600 meters of Vioz with the three children. Many still suffer from discomfort. It is therefore better not to take the virus so as not to risk your life and to avoid the risk of dragging on posthumous difficulties or infecting other people. And with the vaccine this risk decreases ”.

The effects of the vaccination campaign are there for all to see, compared to a year ago, the situation in hospitals is no longer dramatic. As pointed out by the acting general manager of the health company, Antonio Ferro, thanks to the efforts made so far it has been possible to save many lives: “The vaccine protects against severe forms of the infection. Of the 12 cases in the ICU from October to today, none were vaccinated and the evidence shows that those who do not get vaccinated run 11 times the risk of getting infected and being hospitalized “.