Guillermo Montenegro announcement covid phase 3

In the recording, and with a dramatic tone, the community chief assures that there is a “community transition” and a notable increase in cases. “My north was always the care of the residents of my city. I spoke when I had to speak, I fought when I had to fight; we generated the opening of activities when we could do them and I also told them that my pulse would not shake if we had to back off “he said.

On the situation in these moments of contagion in the seaside resort he said: “We have 1113 active Covid patients, 61 intensive care beds occupied, 19 Covid patients hospitalized in those beds and 10 connected to respirators; They are not cold numbers, they are people who are suffering today, not only they but also their families “.

Regarding the care of Mar del Plata people, Montenegro said “we know that the emotional factor is very important, but we also know that social gatherings have been a source of contagion in our city,” and asked the older adults “to take care of themselves. , that they avoid going out “and the younger ones” that they avoid getting together; it is very important that at this moment we take care of each other “.

Finally, the mayor of General Pueyrredon expressed: “This is not quarantine yes or quarantine no, is to take care of ourselves. I understand them. I have not seen my older children for 6 months, my old man either. This situation has obviously complicated us all. We all know what we have to do and how we have to take care of ourselves. “


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