Covid: Is there a risk in getting vaccinated if you are positive or have contact?

Many French people wonder if there is a risk of getting vaccinated when you are positive for the coronavirus or contact a person sick with Covid-19.

Contact case

If you are in contact when you need to be vaccinated, it is better to get tested first. “If the test is negative, the vaccination can then take place. If the test is positive, you should wait at least two months after symptoms stop to get the vaccine.“, specifies the site of the Ministry of Health.

Positive case

If you are positive for Covid-19, but asymptomatic, here are the two possible scenarios: either the absence of symptoms continues throughout the period of infection and in this case the vaccine will only strengthen your immunity.

Either the symptoms appear in the future and if so, the vaccine should promote a faster immune response.

No deleterious effect to deplore according to studies carried out since 2020.

Thus, at worst, the vaccination will prove to be useless if you are positive for Covid at the time of the injection. There would be no other risk to be feared. “Since the person is already infected, they have already developed the antibodies that the vaccine is supposed to induce, so they probably do not benefit from being vaccinated “, had told Sciences et Avenir Frédéric Altare, director of the immunology department at the Nantes-Angers cancerology and immunology research center.


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