Covid is under control, mall occupancy is predicted to increase by 30 percent during Ramadan – The occupancy or occupancy rate of shopping centers is predicted to increase by 15-30 percent during the month of Ramadan until Eid al-Fitr in 2022.

General Chairperson of the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI) Alphonzus Widjaja said this was influenced by high vaccination achievements, control of health protocols and improving economic conditions.

Furthermore, the projected increase is expected to be able to contribute to an increase in the average occupancy rate of shopping centers in 2022 to 70-80 percent.

“The increase in visits during Ramadan and Eid this year is expected to be able to make the average visit rate to shopping centers reach 70-80 percent, which is better than the previous year,” explained Alphonzus when contacted. Kompas.comFriday (11/3/2022).

In addition, APPBI is also optimistic that this year’s performance will be better than previous years.

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It is known that in 2022, shopping center visits will only reach 50 percent and in 2021 it will be 60 percent when compared to before the pandemic.

Meanwhile, to anticipate the spread of Covid-19, shopping centers will still apply strict rules.

As before, mall visitors must have carried out vaccinations and scanned through the PeduliLindung application.

Visitors also still have to carry out body temperature checks, maintain distance, wear masks to stay away from crowds.

This is because the potential for transmission of the corona virus in shopping centers is still high because these locations involve direct interaction of large numbers of people.

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To support this, managers are asked to eliminate or avoid activities and events that have the potential to cause crowds.

Shopping centers have a system to count the number of visitors and have SOPs that can be applied at any time if there is an indication or it is detected that the number of visitors will exceed the maximum capacity.

“Entrance to the shopping center will be temporarily closed until the number of visitors inside the shopping center decreases,” concluded Alphonzus.

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