Covid Italy: infections on the rise. Bulletin with all the data on the Coronavirus

Rome, 25 January 2022 – The i Covid infections in Italy In the bulletin of Ministry of Health (here the one updated to today 26 January). A consequence of the sharp increase in tampons carried out, almost triple compared to yesterday, when the weekend effect weighed on. There are 186 thousand new cases, fewer than last Tuesday, when the record since the beginning of the pandemic was reached. Therefore, the epidemic curve. Bad, however, on the front of dead: 468 victims are registered today, of which more than one hundred related to recounting of Regions. I also grow hospitalizations in the medical area and return to increase the number of patients in intensive care. It should be noted that, for the second consecutive day, i healed they are more than the new infections for which the currently positive. “The infections are decreasing”, Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri told AGI. “The wave lasts 40-60 days”. There extension to the state of emergency which expires on March 31? “There will not be”.

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The epidemic curve in Italy is still decreasing. THE new cases I am 186.740, against the 77,696 of yesterday (influenced by the few swabs) and above all the 228,179 of last Tuesday, an all-time record. With 1.397.245 tampons carried out, 800 thousand more than yesterday, on rate of positivity it drops from 15% to 13.4%. Uphill i deaths, 468 (yesterday 352), new record of the fourth wave, on which several tens of previous cases register today only. The total death toll since the start of the pandemic rises to 144,343. They return to grow terapie intensive, they are 9 more than yesterday (with 130 admissions on the day) and 1,694 in all, and the ordinary hospitalizations than 20,027 (+165). The region with the largest number of cases today is the Lombardy (+28.372), followed by Veneto (+24.312), Piedmont (+18.656), Lazio (+17.165) and Campania (+16.380). THE total cases they are 10,212,621. THE healed of the last 24 hours are 231,500, an all time record, so the currently positive they drop for the second day in a row (2.689.166, -20.691). Of these 2,667,445 are in home isolation.

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With 253.197 are 28.372 i new positives to the Coronavirus registered in Lombardy, with a percentage of 11.2%. The number of hospitalized patients dropped slightly, 264 in intensive care (one less than yesterday) and 3,411 in the other wards, therefore five fewer. I am instead 70 deaths which bring the total number of victims to 36,684 since the beginning of the pandemic. As regards the provinces, a Milano 7,832 cases were reported of which 3,028 in the city, 2,686 in Bergamo, 4,714 in Brescia. in Como 1.461, in Cremona 1.103, in Lecco 880, in Lodi 512, in Mantua 1.635, in Monza 2.589, in Pavia 1.701, in Sondrio 426 and in Varese 2.041.

The i contagion Covid in Veneto (+24.312) after the usual slowdown observed yesterday due to less contact tracing activity. Heavy leap also of victims, 53 in a single day, for a total of 13,008 deaths. Currently positives in isolation are down, 271,553 (- 11,941). Negative data also from hospitals, where the numbers of hospitalizations in the medical area rise, 1,830 (+125), and in intensive care, 194 (+7).

The region Piedmont he communicated 18,656 new cases, equal to 14.9% of 125,106 swabs performed of which 112,190 antigenic. Of the 18,656 new cases, 16,066 were asymptomatic (86.1%). I am 23, 6 today, i deaths registered: the total number of victims therefore rises to 12,504. The pressure on hospitals is decreasing: there are 144 hospitalized in intensive care (-9 compared to yesterday), while there are 2,115 patients in hospital (-25). There are 167,505 people in home isolation.

“Today in the Lazio, on 23,478 molecular swabs and 128,844 antigenic swabs for a total of 153,322 swabs, 17,165 positive cases (+9.543). I am 31 deaths, 2,065 hospitalized (+18), 206 intensive care (+4) and 10,256 newly recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 11.1%. The cases a Roma cities are at 8,452 “. The Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, announced this in a note.

I am 16.380 i new cases of Covid emerged yesterday in Campania from the analysis of 110,674 tests. They are included in today’s bulletin 38 deaths, 20 occurred in the last 48 hours and 18 previously, but recorded yesterday. 102 (+2) are hospitalized in intensive care and 1,394 (+3) patients in hospital wards.

In Tuscany I am 13.810 i new cases ascertained in the last 24 hours against 17,815 molecular swabs and 76,814 rapid antigenic swabs. The currently positive are 178,553 today, -0.7% compared to yesterday. Among these the hospitalized are 1,486 (8 more than yesterday), of which 125 in intensive care (stable). They register 27 deaths: 20 men and 7 women with an average age of 81.9 years.

In Emilia Romagna in the last 24 hours they have been identified 13,561 new positivity, based on over 90,000 swabs processed. The hospitalizations are substantially stable: in intensive care there are 150 patients (+2 compared to yesterday, 94 of which are not vaccinated), while in the other Covid wards there are 2,594 patients (-31). However, they still count 38 dead: among them there are also three men under 60 years old. Active cases have reached 383,976: this is more than 8.5% of the entire population, practically almost one resident in the region out of 11 is currently positive. However, 99.3% of active cases are in home isolation.

The positivity rate went from 8.8% yesterday to 13.39% Puglia where of the 95,198 tests processed 12.751 they gave a positive result. Most of the new cases it was ascertained in the province of Bari (+3,847); followed by the provinces of Foggia, Lecce, Taranto, Bat and Brindisi. THE dead registered in the last 24 hours are 18 and increase the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic to 7,153. The currently positive are 121,543: of these 714 (-3) are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 67 in intensive care.

I am 7.806 i new cases of Covid identified in the last 24 hours in the Market. In total, 31,330 swabs were processed: 20,034 in the diagnostic course and 11,296 in the course healed. Peak of dead of the last wave: they are 11 people who died on the last day. There is a slight increase in hospitalizations that are 354 (+4): 59 (+5) in intensive care, 76 (+1) in semi-intensive care and 219 (-2) in ordinary wards.

I newly infected al Covid in Sicily double compared to yesterday. I am 7.516 compared to 41,955 swabs processed for a positivity rate of 17.9%. They are included in today’s bulletin 71 deaths, a number weighed down by a recount of deaths in recent days. The healed are 1,935 and the currently positive rise to 220,293 (+5,510). The hospitalized in the ordinary wards are 1,464 (+3), while the patients in intensive care are 158 (-6, with 13 new entries). There are 218,671 people in home isolation.

In Liguria have been registered 7,169 new positives al Coronavirus e 32 deaths (some dating back to the past few days). In the last 24 hours, 45,057 molecular (5,695) and rapid antigenic (39,362) swabs were performed. At the moment 802 patients are hospitalized, 28 more than yesterday, of which 39 in intensive care. On the other hand, 61,264 people are currently positive, 532 less than yesterday.

I am 4.627 i new positives discovered today in Abruzzo, 11.78% of 6,837 molecular swabs and 32,427 antigen tests. The budget of deceased records 7 cases and rises to 2,765. The currently positive are 96,991: 417 patients (-2 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in the medical area, 38 (+1) in intensive care, while the other 96,536 (+4,331 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation.

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of 8,478 molecular swabs were detected 955 new infections, with a positive percentage of 11.26%. There are also 23,667 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which they were detected 3,653 almost (15.43%). People admitted to intensive care are 42 (+3), while patients hospitalized in other departments are 473 (+9). In the last 24 hours, i deaths from 18 people, between 71 and 92 years old.

In the last 24 hours in Trentino register 2,740 new positives, on nearly 17,000 tampons, and others 2 deaths. Of the processed swabs 723 are molecular and 16,231 antigenic. The age groups most affected by the new infections are those between 40 and 59 years (858 cases) and between 19 and 39 years (750 cases). There are 25,541 active cases in the province. Among these, 170 (+1) patients are hospitalized, 23 of whom are in resuscitation (-1).

Currently positive for Covid in decrease Umbria, now 24,610, 289 less than yesterday. On the last day they were recorded 2,384 new positives, 2,665 recovered and others 8 dead. 3,345 swabs and 18,120 swabs were analyzed for a declining positivity rate to 11.1%. The picture of hospitalized patients was essentially stable, 201 (+2), of which 7 (-1) in intensive care.

Fifteen victims and 1,256 infected in Calabria. Leap of hospitalizations, 4 deaths and 1,433 new cases in Sardinia. One death and 369 infections in Molise. In Basilicata 1,378 new positives and a victim. In Valle d’Aosta there are 480 cases.

The PA of Bolzano informs that due to technical and IT problems reported today the data are not available.