Covid long: a doctor struck off for having prescribed “unusual” treatments

The case has no connection with all the debates revolving around hydroxychloroquine that Dr. Raoult put forward from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but a doctor from Bas-Rhin was struck off for having prescribed treatments qualified as “unusual” for the long Covid, tells us Former practitioner of the Strasbourg University Hospitals, infectious disease specialist and hygienist, he retired last November. But the Order of Physicians of Bas-Rhin had decided to file a complaint against him last February.

According to our colleagues, several doctors and pharmacists had reported “unusual prescriptions issued as part of the treatment of long Covid”. After investigation, the College of Physicians decided purely and simply to strike it off. This implies that if the doctor wanted to practice again one day, he could no longer do so in France. What is he accused of? Serious breaches of the Health Code, starting with that of delivering care “based on data acquired from science”, but also of “prohibiting (…) from putting the patient at unjustified risk”.


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“Vital risk for patients”

The practitioner is also criticized for not seeing “awareness […] of the potentially dangerous nature of its prescriptions, as well as the absence of any scientific basis for the prescriptions in dispute”. The Disciplinary Chamber of the Order of the Grand Est decided on the highest possible sanction, considering that the “prescriptions – because of the atypical drug combination they prescribed – carried a significant risk of adverse events, even in some cases a life-threatening risk for the patients”, even if no deaths were observed. The doctor cannot make Questioned in France evening, he considers that the sanction is a “dishonor” and an “injustice” and assures that “there has been no report of patients”.

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