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Long Covid can disappear in up to a year in people with mild infection

09 June 2023 (Bibliomed). People with long-term Covid experience new, persistent, or worsening symptoms for more than four weeks after initial Covid-19 infection. Symptoms range from fatigue, shortness of breath and coughing to mental confusion, dizziness and changes in taste or smell.

A new study has shown that these symptoms can disappear in about a year in patients who have had mild cases of infection.

For the study, researchers at the KI Research Institute in Israel analyzed electronic health records of nearly 2 million people in Israel tested for Covid through October 2021. They looked at Covid symptoms that lasted more than a month, comparing conditions in vaccinated and unvaccinated people, with and without Covid-19.

Results showed that people with Covid-19 were more likely to report loss of smell and taste, breathing problems, heart palpitations, dizziness and mental confusion, but most of these symptoms improved within 12 months for those who had mild infections.

Vaccinated people who became infected had a lower risk of breathing difficulties and a similar risk for other conditions when compared with people who weren’t vaccinated when they got sick.

The authors are not sure why some people develop long-term Covid and others do not. They explain that there is simply no good data analyzing which variant caused infection, if and how much vaccination occurred and how much time has passed since vaccination.

The good news is that with supportive care, including lifestyle changes, people can start to feel better and the long Covid symptoms don’t seem to last forever.

Source: BMJ. DOI: 10.1136/bmj-2022-072529.

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