Covid poisoning makes money spread, Euro football lowest in 10 years

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce revealed The coronavirus has made the Eurozone football’s lowest money in 10 years, indicating that people are still not confident in the economy and reduce their purchasing power.

Mr. Thanawat Phonwichai, President University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Advisory Center for Economic and Business Forecasting revealed the results of the survey on consumer behavior and spending duringEuro 2020 football festival A nationwide survey of 1,200 samples between 15 – 18 June 2021 found interesting information that spending inEuro 2020 soccer tournament There was a cash flow of 62,440.26 million baht, a decrease of 20.3%, the lowest decline in 10 years since 2010, as a result ofcovid 19 outbreak and the current economic situation Divided into spending in the economy 15,201.68 million baht, a decrease of 15.1%, buying consumer products and socializing 13,119.11 million baht, a decrease of 15.0%. and receiver equipment 2,082.57 million baht, a decrease of 15.5%, others 1,398.81 million baht, a decrease of 6.0%, and it was found thatSpending in the economy is the lowest recorded since 2006.

while usingPaying outside the economic system (football betting) 45,839.76 million baht, a decrease of 22.3% The lowest drop in five years Or since 2016, where most of the gambling is online gambling. As for the reason for gambling on football, 56.1% is because of the prize from football betting. which from all surveys in the past that the sample group will play for fun because it is a current not expecting money or not playing substantial But this survey found that the proportion of the sample group played because they hoped for more money to bet. And the average amount of money spent on each match is 1,000-5,000 baht, of which 70.1% use money from savings and regular income.

However, this amount will affect the overall economy this year, expanding 0.1% and then expanding to 2% year-on-year. People’s confidence will be able to return if the government’s vaccine distribution is followed. Plans and can control the spread of COVID-19 to be in a limited range Able to move forward to open the country according to the Prime Minister’s announcement for 120 days using Phuket Sandbox as a model. build confidence

In addition, the Thai Chamber of Commerce will evaluate the government’s economic stimulus measures again after July. must wait to see the money to stimulate the economy into the system first but initially saw that The limit from the project is only 3,000 half each. million baht is a limit that may be too small. Not enough to stimulate the economy in the 3rd quarter and the more the project is used, the less response from the people has no effect in recovering the economy. And meeting with the Prime Minister of the private sector on June 23, it is believed that there will be an offer to review the amount of the project by half and dust off the Shop Dee Mee Night project, which is the original project to be reused. time including solving problems of the business sector in accessing low-interest credit or soft lone debt restructuring and low interest loans. because they are still stuck in different systems cannot be widely distributed in business assistance. It is believed that the government will have more relaxed measures.

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