Covid, reinfections on the rise: why women and young people are more at risk

The increase in reinfections from Covid continues. From 24 August 2021 to 5 June 2022, 532,755 cases were reported, equal to 4% of the total number of cases notified. But in the last week the percentage of reinfections out of the total reported cases increased to 7.4%, an increase compared to the previous week when they were 6.3%. This is indicated by the weekly extended report that integrates the Covid Iss-Ministry of Health monitoring. The unvaccinated, women, young people, health professionals and those who have been immunized for more than 120 days are at higher risk.

Because women and young people are more at risk

“The greater risk in female subjects may probably be due to the greater presence of women in the school environment where an intense screening activity is carried out and to the fact that women perform the role of caregiver in the family more often”, reads in the Report. The younger age groups (12 to 49 years) are also more exposed. “Probably – the report continues – the greater risk of reinfection in the younger age groups is attributable to higher risk behaviors and exposures, compared to the over 60 age groups”

The spread of Omicron 5 is growing

Meanwhile, the ISS has released the results of the latest rapid survey on the prevalence of variants, from which it emerges that in Italy on 7 June the Omicron variant had an estimated prevalence of 100%, with the BA.2 sub-variant predominant (at 62.98%). On the other hand, the cases attributable to the more contagious sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5 have increased, and the latter rises to 23.15% prevalence from 0.41% in the previous survey. Currently, there is no evidence that infections caused by BA.4 and BA.5 are associated with increased severity of clinical manifestations compared to those caused by BA.1 and BA.2

Vaccine efficacy against severe disease remains high

Meanwhile, despite the concerns about the greater contagiousness of Omicron’s “sisters”, such as the latest BA.5, the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine in preventing cases of severe disease remains high: it is 68% in vaccinated with a complete cycle from less 90 days, to reach 87% in vaccinated with boosters. «We are playing a game, we have the advantage but it is not the ninetieth. We must not let our guard down ». With this image Silvio Brusaferro summarized the situation, answering the question of how Covid could spread in the autumn and how to deal with the growing number of cases in recent days.

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