Covid, Sant’Anna School: health system has withstood a pandemic

Pisa, June 23 (askanews) – In 2020, the health system overall resisted the shocks of the pandemic, but while the individual Regions were mostly able to follow those who were already in charge for previous diseases, the decline was seen above all due to the introduction of new patients. It is one of the most significant data that emerges from the radiography of the “Network of Regions”, in collaboration with the Management and Health Laboratory of the Institute of Management of the Sant’Anna School of Pisa, which counts on the adhesion of 10 Regions and autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano. This year, in addition to the more traditional performance evaluation indicators, new and current areas of analysis have also found space. Sabina Nuti Rettrice Sant’Anna School of Pisa: “The resistance capacity is also measured with respect to tsunami of the pandemic, because there is no doubt that what we experienced in 2020 is a real revolution that has forced health systems to re-prioritize and organize themselves in a different way. And therefore the system has been enriched with new ways of measure this ability to respond in a covid period also to no covid needs “. Professor Milena Vainieri, together with Doctor Federico Vola coordinated the am of research: “The most critical indicators were those of cancer screening, which saw a significant reduction in the volumes of activity. On the other hand, those that have held up better are surgical interventions, always remaining in the oncology field “. Among the paradoxically positive effects of the pandemic, the sharp drop in antibiotic consumption, up to -16.3% in Umbria and -13.9% of Basilicata. Vainieri again: “The consumption of antibiotics is one of those indicators that is seen as an indicator of appropriateness also for the fight against antibiotic resistance. And this year, probably due to the use of masks, there has been less use of antibiotics “.

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