Covid symptoms associated with BA.4 and BA.5 variants

Covid variants generate new symptoms among the population.

With the passage of time the new variants of coronavirus have been evolving and changinggenerating as a consequence the irruption of new symptoms that until now had not been notified. Specialists detect that with the most recent versions of Ómicron, syncope y fainting in people infected with Covid-19.

Currently the cumulative incidence in older than 60 years in Spain exceeds 755 points, a scenario that some specialists even predict as a new wave of infections. The current variants of coronavirus that are taking center stage in Spain, BA.4 y BA.5have generated unidentified symptoms until now, and the last ones to be detected are the syncope y sudden fainting.

Specialists say that these symptoms are related to implication of the coronaviruss with him nervous system, causing what is known as orthostatic hypotension. So these two scenarios are added to the already known symptoms that the coronavirus generates, such as the tos, fever, headache y muscle pains.

The symptoms, diagnosed in Germany last January

These discovered symptoms and that are linked to the new variants of Omicron cause an alteration in the functioning of the vagus nerve, which generates a key function regarding the nervous system. Once this situation occurs, the nerve works more slowed down than usual, causing no increase tension so that the Blood flow properly reaches the brain. This situation causes us to pass out as brain’s form of defense.

suffer a syncope o faint These are two symptoms associated with the coronavirus that were already diagnosed during the month of January. An investigation, published in the German magazine Ärztezeitung, analyzed the various syncopes suffered by a 35-year-old man up to six months after his positive for SARS-CoV-2. The researchers confirmed that the heart rate of the patient initially increased to 110 beats per minute while standing, without his blood pressure rising, and a few minutes later, the rate slowly decreased to the point that the patient begins to stagger, suffers dizziness and ends up passing out. So, if someone in our environment faints having coronavirus, he may be related to a vagal syncope connected to the vagus nerve.

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