Covid tests will pay off tomorrow: deprivations, combinations … how do the unvaccinated people plan to do it?

the essential
The French state imposes its last turn of the screw this Friday, October 15, with the end of reimbursements for tests, unless medical advice. For those opposed to vaccination and / or the health pass, this new change is synonymous with adaptation, again.

The end of the systematic reimbursement of tests in France will inevitably mark a turning point for the last reluctant to vaccination. If the obligation to have a negative Covid-19 test to have a health pass was already a constraint, it had the merit of not directly entering the wallet of the French. This will no longer be the case tomorrow. And inevitably, it will change certain things in the habits.

“I will go to restaurants less, and when I go, I will pay for my test,” Olivier coldly sums up from his Haute-Savoie. This retiree says he “got used” to restaurants being closed during “the 200 days” when the measure was effective. “Meals in private homes are also developing, because there is always an unvaccinated in the band,” he points out.

“We live very well with less leisure”

No question for him, therefore, of trying to bypass the health pass or to submit to vaccination in the face of this new government turn of the screw. Same thing for Frédéric, who has in any case “done only two tests” since the beginning of the implementation of the health pass. “I have no objection to paying for my tests,” also underlines the 37-year-old civil servant working in Essonne. But he regrets having had to “limit” his leisure activities because of the pass. “As a result, I no longer really participate in the economic activity of the country, and several relatives in my entourage who also refuse the RNA-messenger vaccine, share this feeling. It’s sad for the economy, but we live very well with less leisure “.

For Denise, also retired, the answer remains the same with or without reimbursement for tests, with or without vaccine: “With my husband, wherever the pass is requested, we will not be seen, except to go to the hospital. hospital if medical appointments require it “. A concession to which Mike, a young thirty-something from the Bordeaux region, is not ready: “We are already limiting our outings compared to the Covid front, and we do not really want to restrict ourselves further,” sighs the agent who works in aeronautics. But paying for tests, “even if it’s only twenty euros for antigens, it can quickly start to get expensive.”

The false pass, a risky tactic

So when the situation calls for it, the young man and his companion plan to find tricks. “Maybe by passing a screenshot of a friend’s pass so you can walk in and hope there isn’t a police check …” A tactic that many others use in France for months. A 19-year-old youngster recently presented President Emmanuel Macron’s pass at the entrance to the Marseille hospital. Security spotted the deception, and called the police, who took the man into custody for the evening.

The game can indeed be risky, since the fact of presenting a health pass belonging to another person is punishable by a 4th class fine, i.e. 750 euros, reduced to 135 euros if it is paid immediately. And in the event of a repeat offense within two weeks, the fine rises to 1,500 euros.

Sufficiently dissuasive for Mike to consider other avenues, such as leading to a more “complacent” general practitioner, likely to easily prescribe tests, always reimbursed by health insurance. “In principle, we are not against the vaccine, but really opposed to the past, so we will do everything rather than be vaccinated, for the moment”.