Covid, the test that measures immunity arrives: all the details

A test that measures immunity to Covid could soon arrive. Research has given us hope. Here’s what it is.

The latest and dramatic historical events have led to ease the media pressure in reference to the Covid. With the new rules there is greater freedom of action but it should not be forgotten that the virus is still present. A situation that, however, is getting better and better thanks to vaccines and people’s responsibility. The same ones who, with vaccination or positivity, would like to know their levels of immunity from the virus.

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As we all know, the main tool at the moment to learn about immunity to the virus is the serological test. This one, however, has only one problem which stems from the fact that it only focuses on antibodies. Therefore, a positive or negative test is not an indication of the level of protection in progress. Thanks to a study, however, we could have an even more precise and important test.

Many situations are changing. A few weeks ago we talked about the poor functioning of tampons for Covid. This is because there is a particular mistake that should not be underestimated. In this case, instead, we will focus on a thorough test by the team of researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Covid, the test that measures immunity to the virus is coming? The details

The test that measures immunity to Covid-19 was developed by researchers from Mount Sinai hospital located in New York. The results appeared in the magazine Nature Biotechnology. The test is nothing more than a blood test in which the results can be available within a day. This analysis will allow us to know and monitor our defensive level against the virus. So not only monitoring the world population but also seeing the actual effectiveness of vaccines.

This new test binds to the presence of T cells. These together with antibodies trigger an immune reaction against the virus. Which leads to a certain level of protection even towards the most serious forms. In this regard, as reported by the site, Ernesto Guccione, one of the researchers in the study, explained why the focus is on this cell. The researcher stresses that it is important to measure the activation of the T cell. These, in addition to being effective against the new forms, are important for understanding the level of immunity.

The research team studied several PCR tests. Among these, attention has shifted to two: the qTACT and the dqTACT. The first extracts the RNA from the blood sample in order to analyze and search for the cells in question. The second directly analyzes the blood sample. Between these two, therefore, the test to be faster and cheaper was the second.

At the moment, the dqTACT has obtained the European certification for in vitro diagnostic medical devices. While the test is still pending approval from the US EMA and FDA. We will therefore see if this test becomes an increasingly present reality.

The information in this article is for informational purposes only. These are researches that have appeared in trade journals. And they do not in any way replace the consultation with a specialist or a trusted doctor. Furthermore, these should not replace diagnoses and / or treatment plans.