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News from VashonBePrepared

#39 Friday, June 17, 2022
Vashon COVID Monitoring: Substantial Drop in Cases
Hot Topic: Vaccines for under-5s Are Coming Soon
Coming Home: No COVID Test Required
Your Safe Homecoming Checklist
Myth Buster: What Does “Immunity” Really Mean?
School District: “Healthy Summer” Test Handout
Latest Vashon COVID Statistics

Follow-up of COVID Cases: Significant Drop in the Number of Cases
Focus Topic: Vaccines for ages 5 and under are coming soon
Upon return to the US: No COVID test required
Returning home after a trip? What to do to be safe
The Booster Vaccine Myth: What Does ‘Immunity’ Really Mean?
School District: Testing for a ‘Healthy Summer’
Latest COVID Statistics in Vashon

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