COVID vaccination Colombia: Those infected with COVID-19 may be vaccinated one month after diagnosis | Health

The Ministry of Health announced the reduction of times for app of the vaccine against COVID-19 in the population that has given positive for the virus. The entity explained that these people will no longer have to wait 3 months to get immunized, they will be able to do it one month after of the diagnosis.

“We inform that the Ministry of Health has reduced from 3 to 1 month the waiting period for app of the vaccine after diagnosis of the COVID-19”, Revealed the minister of health, Fernando Ruiz on his Twitter account.

The boss of the purse health department also explained that, in this situation there are about 2 million people, who precisely they are pending get vaccinated and develop hybrid immunity.

The Ministry of Health also stated that, in order to to accelerate immunization, all persons that vaccines of AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna, in which there were settled down an interval of 84 days between doses, this period is modified and you can do the application of the second dose 30 days later of the first dose.