Covidiots party in a shopping center

Covidiots who defied health measures against COVID-19 by going to dance without a mask in a shopping center in the Laurentians on Saturday do not show any civil disobedience as they claim, but rather selfishness, hammer out legal experts.

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“In my opinion, this is not civil disobedience, it is confrontation. That we have theories, ideas, that’s fine. Let us discuss it, that’s fine. But in times of pandemic, when it concerns the whole whole planet […] there are consequences that are more important, ”believes retired judge Nicole Gibeault.

While thousands of Quebecers were shopping for their holiday gifts in compliance with sanitary rules in order to be able to take advantage of the four days of festivities offered by the government at Christmas, about thirty people were dancing and shouting at the top of their lungs, without masks or distancing at the Place Rosemère, Saturday afternoon.

“It is certain and certain that this gesture, this organization, is unacceptable. These people were trying to get attention, trying to get a message across. There were as many people filming as there were people dancing, ”relates Martin Charron, spokesperson for the Régie intermunicipale de police de Thérèse-De Blainville.

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Refusing to wear a face cover, a man was escorted outside Place Rosemère by police.

Even though the intervention of security guards and police was very quick, and the incident only lasted a few minutes, videos were posted on social media showing participants smiling for the camera and refusing to put on the masks politely handed to them by the police.

Screenshot from Facebook

Physical distancing was not respected and some hugged each other.

Observations will be issued, assures Inspector Charron, specifying that the organizer of the event will receive three, for having organized the event as well as for not having respected the measures.

“We are always facilitating with demonstrations. The principle of manifestation remains […], but even if they demonstrate, people must respect distancing and wearing a mask, ”he insists.

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In Quebec City, eight individuals presented themselves in a Provigo without their mask.

In Quebec, a similar event took place on Friday. Eight individuals showed up in a grocery store in the Limoilou district without their face coverings, for their “action of the day”.

” There is a [cliente] who took off his mask on entering, ”said a first woman in a video on social networks, visibly proud. “Yes! Positive influence! », Rejoices another woman.

The police took their details and told them they would investigate before issuing tickets.

These rallies in stores are organized by anti-mask conspiracies in the name of “civil disobedience” against government measures to curb COVID-19, which has killed nearly 7,000 in Quebec in nine months.

“I rather call it organized imbecility. […] We must stop pretending to be civil disobedience […] for humanist values. There, it is for the right to infect others. This story is completely out of the ordinary ”, reacts Frédéric Bérard, doctor of constitutional law.

Listen to Félix Séguin’s column on QUB radio:

Former judge Gibeault recalls for her part that the freedom of some stops where the freedom of others begins.

“It is the disrespect for the majority that I find distressing. There is no one who likes it [les mesures actuelles]. We can say it, we can write it, but from there to demonstrate it publicly by putting the safety of other people into play, we have to draw the line, she sighs. It is total egoism, because these people will be around other people, who, for their part, respect health measures. “

– With Jérôme Gagnon, Le Journal de Québec

Yesterday, 1,154 new cases of COVID were identified in Quebec as well as 23 deaths.



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