Coyhaique Regional Hospital held an act for patients with breast cancer

  • Women with breast cancer shared experiences and words of support.
  • This year and as a result of the health protection that must be taken as a result of Covid-19, the number of participants in the ceremony was limited, but no less emotional than its previous versions.

In order to generate awareness and self-care regarding this pathology, the Oncology Unit of the Coyhaique Regional Hospital organized a new day of the so-called “Pink Night”, an instance that seeks to create a space to reflect and understand everything that cancer means mother; from experiences and testimonials to self-care methods and preventive exams.

Yesenia Barraza, Coordinator Midwife of the Breast Pathology and Gynecology-Oncology Unit, indicated that it is very important to resume this type of activity that gives our patients a glimmer of hope, since we invite patients diagnosed during this year and some years previous ones, with the idea that patients who have already finished their treatment help us to raise awareness about how difficult the process is, but also how beautiful and reassuring it is to return to life when they have already finished the treatment process”.

Albelidys Guzmán, a patient diagnosed this year, was moved by the activity and the testimonies heard. “I was diagnosed in April of this year and have already had two surgeries. It has been difficult to carry out this process, I have had ups and downs but always with the unconditional support of my family, but the support and accompaniment of the hospital staff has also been essential. They have treated me more than a patient, they have treated me like a human being who deserves to live, for which I am very grateful”, adding that it is very important “not to give up and keep fighting, keep believing. Every day is a new gift to be experienced”.

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For her part, Xiomara López, also attending the activity, said she had been diagnosed 17 years ago in Venezuela and had passed her treatment, “but in May of this year and after taking my exams, I found a nugget that made me start a new treatment here in Coyhaique, where it has been a wonderful experience. It has all been in a quiet environment, with free exams and beautiful attention from all the hospital staff. Now I am waiting for the results of my tests hoping that they will be negative, but if not, we will start again.

Finally, Dr. Pedro Pablo Pinto, in charge of the Breast Pathology Unit of the Coyhaique Regional Hospital, highlighted the carrying out of the activity, which had not been carried out two years ago, but he was concerned due to the increase in cases detected during this year. .

“During the pandemic, care has been complex, but despite the fact that we have never closed the breast polyclinic, there have been fewer women who have come for exams, which has led to an increase in cases not seen in years. Before on this date we had around 20 diagnosed cases, this year we have already had 30 more women, which allows us to continue advancing in prevention and early detection, and now we have two more Doctors who will help us continue to improve our work and accompany the women of our region.