CP increases ticket prices in 2022 and only ‘escapes’ the Alfa Pendular service

From January 1st, get ready to pay more when traveling with CP – Comboios de Portugal. The entry into force of the new tariffs (which you can see here) will increase the prices of Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional and Urban services, the only one remaining being the price of the Alfa Pendular service.

“As of January 1, 2022, new prices for transport tickets for Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional and Urban services enter into force. The prices of the Alfa Pendular service remain unchanged”, CP pointed out in a statement.

Thus, the price of a ticket at Intercidades between Lisboa Oriente and Porto Campanhã, for example, which currently costs 25.1 euros in second class, will cost 25.25 euros from January 1st, in other words, 15 cents more . The same increase is registered in the case of a trip between Lisbon and Faro, also in Intercidades, the price of a second class ticket will now cost 22.15 euros, compared to the 22 euros that are currently charged.

In the case of Lisbon Urban trains, the price of a single full ticket is maintained up to the three zones, but from the four zones onwards there is an increase of 5 cents. The normal 30-day pass will be increased by 5 cents for both one and two zones.

With regard to Urban buses in Porto, the price of a single full ticket is maintained up to the five zones, with an increase of 5 cents in the price of the ticket corresponding to six zones. However, the price of the normal 30-day pass, for zones 1 and 2, will now cost 33.45 euros, compared to the current 33.25 euros, in other words, an additional 20 cents.


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