CPI: Daniel Urresti and Rafael López Aliaga lead the intention to vote for the Mayor’s Office of Lima

The candidates Daniel Urresti y Rafael Lopez Aliaga lead the intention to vote for the mayor of Lima, with 22.8% and 21.5%, respectively, according to a recent survey of CPI which presents exclusively in RPP News.

Both are followed by George Forsyth (9.8%), Omar Chehade (4.1%), Gonzalo Alegría (2.6%), Elizabeth León (1.1%) and Yuri Castro (0.4%).

The survey reveals that 22.3% state that, if the elections were tomorrow, they would not vote for any of them, while 15.3% do not specify.

the anti-vote

The survey also consulted the people of Lima about the candidates for whom they would definitely not vote in the October elections.

The anti-vote list is led by Yuri Castrofrom Peru Libre, with 32.1%, followed by George Forsyth (25, 2 %), Rafael Lopez Aliaga (22, 4 %) y Daniel Urresti (20, 5 %).

Datasheet: The CPI survey was conducted from August 3 to 10 among 1,200 people from 36 districts of Lima. The study has a margin of error of +/- 2.8%, with a confidence level of 95.5%.

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The legislator said that there were economic interests behind the project approved by insistence in the plenary session of Parliament. On the other hand, legislator Alex Paredes, from the ruling Magisterial Block, justified his group’s support for the project’s insistence despite the fact that the government observed the law.