CPI: this is how the voting intention goes in Lima districts two weeks before the 2022 municipal and regional elections

A little more than two weeks before the October 2022 elections in which regional and local authorities will be elected throughout the country, the CPI company carried out a survey to measure the intention to vote in districts of Lima.

The study presented exclusively by RPP Noticias and carried out between September 9 and 16 in various districts of the capital, reveals that there is still a high level of voters who have not yet decided their vote or indicate that they will not vote for any candidate. In most districts, the combined percentage of both options exceeds any candidate for the district mayors.

The surveys were carried out with cards in which all the candidates of each district appear and the question was posed: Which of these candidates would you vote for if the elections were tomorrow? Here are the results by district:


Carlos Canales Anchorena (Popular Renewal) 18.8%

Manuel Masías Oyanguren (APP) 10.0%

Sergio Meza Salazar (AP) 6.8%

Diego Mora Olivares (Purple Party) 5.8%

Alessandra Camila Krause Alva (Advance Country) 5.1%

Ernesto Javier Mendoza De la Puente (We are Peru) 4.8%

Sitza Lita Romero Peralta (Popular Force) 3.3%

Maria Rocio Cano Guerinoni (We Can Peru) 2%

José Manuel Ugarte Ojeda (Independent Moralizing Front) 1.2%

None of them: 8.2%

Not precise: 34.1%


Juan Carlos Zurek Pardo Figueroa (Country Advances) 24.0%

Esteban Uceda Guerra Garcia (Popular Renewal) 14.7%

Julio Edén Martínez García (Podemos Peru) 11.1%

Luis Carlos Antonio Iberico Nunez (APP) 10.2%

Edmundo del Águila Herrera (AP) 3.2%

Patricia Biviana Soto Castillo (JPP) 2.5%

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other candidates 1.5%

None of them: 12.8%

Not precise: 17.4%


Alberto Fernando Moreno Mejia (We are Peru) 14.6%

Rubén Dioscorides Cano Altez (Popular Renovation) 13.1%

Second Sergio Vásquez Coronado (Podemos Peru) 9%

Isaac Demetrio Ferro Lozano (Popular Force) 4.2%

Harry Max Castro Durand (APP) 2.2%

Mario Cesar Uribe Rubio (FIM) 2.2%

Jorge Jeri Juscamaita (Free Peru) 1.2%

Jorge Luis Rivera Inuma (AP) 1.2%

Luis Enrique Saco Vertiz Portal (PPP) 0.3%

Rodolfo Gregorio Barnadas Pacheco (Purple Party) 0.2%

None of them: 16.8%

Not precise: 35%


Carlos Bruce (Advance Country) 32.3%

Gina Gálvez (We are Peru) 15.2%

Eduardo Caprille (We can Peru) 9.5%

Juan Palma (APP) 6.6%

Óscar Arco (Popular Renovation) 5.3%

Juan Carlos Baltodano (Purple Party) 1.7%

Johnny Marzano (FIM) 0.6%

None of them: 6.5%

Not precise: 23.2%


Luis Dante Mendieta Flores (APP) 20%

Javier Ernesto Altamirano – The Best of Javier Ernesto Altamirano 8.7%

Mabel Karina Leandro Melgarejo (Popular Renewal) 5.8%

Roger Edinsson Parra Taboada (We Can Peru) 3.7%

Juan Nelson Chavez Laura (Popular Force) 2.8%

Luis José Tordoya Suca (We are Peru) 2.6%

Alex Fabio Trujillo Uscamayta (Popular Action) 2.6%

Leonidas Richard Gonzales Rodriguez (JPP) 2%

Carlos Juan Max Calderon Castillo (PPP) 1.1%

Gregorio Zósimo Contreras Ureta (Purple Party) 1%

Edgar Wuillington Mejia Rodriguez (FIM) 0.7%

None of them: 17.3%

Not precise: 31.7%


Eduardo Bless (Advance Country) 31.7%

Salvador Heresi (We Can Peru) 15.6%

Marcos Cabrera (Popular Renewal) 9.1%

Erika Diaz (We are Peru) 3.8%

Aldo Solari (Purple Party) 2.8%

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Piero Miranda (END) 2.2%

Hernan Ampuero (APP) 2.1%

Luis Ocaña (PPP) 1.7%

None of them: 12.1%

Not precise: 18.9%


Guido Iñigo Peralta (APP) 27.6 %

Luis Martin Mozo Aldunate (Podemos Peru) 9.8%

Esther Sthep Coarita Ucharico (Popular Renewal) 3.7%

Ricardo Gil Espadin (Popular Force) 3.4%

Jose Ubil Carranza Rafael (JPP) 3.3%

Sandro Caller Gutierrez (PPP) 1.3%

Alberto Luis Peralta Huatuco (We are Peru) 1.3%

José Martín Mendoza Argumedo (Avanza País) 0.6%

Augusto Yoshio Pizarro Huamani (Purple Party) 0.3%

None of them: 11.9%

Not precise: 36.8%


Eloy Chavez Hernandez (APP) 20.7%

Myriam Ludeña Golac (We Can Peru) 8.3%

David Andres Morales Cardenas (We are Peru) 6%

Robert Joel Ludeña Guerra (Popular Renewal) 5.9%

Aurelia Sayda Condezo Dávida (Popular Force) 3.5%

Rene Alfredo Yucra from Verastegui (JPP) 2.4%

Juan José Castillo Angeles (Advance Country) 1.9%

Nicanor Sergio Suni Paira (Partido Morado) 1.6%

Willy Alberto Ruelas Oropeza (END) 0.3%

None of them: 16.6%

Not precise: 32.7%

CPI survey technical sheet

Study objective: Voting intentions for district mayoral candidates. Universe investigated: Urban population of the investigated district, men and women aged 18 to 70 who reside and vote in the jurisdiction. Survey technique: face-to-face in the sampled homes. Date of realization: Between September 9 and 16, depending on the district. Researched population: Miraflores (86,134 people, sample 400), La Molina (117,653 people, sample 300), La Victoria (140,508 people, sample 400), Santiago de Surci (275,142 people, sample 400), San Juan de Miraflores (289,208 people, sample 400 ), San Miguel (145,744 people, sample 400), Villa El Salvador (310,345 people, sample 400), and Villa María del Triunfo (311,436 people, sample 400), Error range: +- 4.9% (+- 5.7 in La Molina). Confidence level 95.5%.

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