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CPNS 2021 Registration Extended, 10 Institutions Lonely Applicants

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The National Civil Service Agency (BKN) said registration Selection of Candidates for Civil Servants (civil servant) and Government Employees with the 2021 Work Agreement (PPPK) extended because there are still agencies that are empty of interest.

CPNS 2021 Registration extended to provide opportunities for the public to immediately apply for the required CPNS vacancies.

“Because we provide opportunities to the widest possible community. There are also several agencies that have few applicants,” said Plt. Head of Public Relations, Legal and Cooperation Bureau of BKN Paryono toyono CNNIndonesia.com, Monday (19/7).

Based on data recorded by BKN as of July 18, 2021 at 15.25 WIB, there are 3,052,591 applicants who have filled out the selection registration form in the SSCASN system.

Of this number, only 1,908,625 people have permanently stored registration forms and other documents, so they have been registered in the administrative selection.

Even though the number of registrations is already large, there are still some agencies that have less than 20 applicants. So that the government decided to extend the 2021 CPNS registration. The majority of agencies with few applicants are district governments.

The following is data on 10 agencies with the fewest applicants:
1. District Government. Lanny Jaya 18 applicants
2. District Government. Intan Jaya 14 applicants
3. District Government. Guess 11 applicants
4. District Government. Yalimo 10 applicants
5. District Government. Yahukimo 8 applicants
6. District government. Mamberamo Raya 7 applicants
7. District Government. Deiyai ​​3 applicants
8. District government. Dogiyai 3 applicants
9. District Government. Mountains Star 2 applicants
10. District Government. Paniai 0 applicants

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The following is data on 10 agencies with the most applicants:
1. Ministry of Law & Human Rights 436,725 applicants
2. Ministry of Transportation 99,286 applicants
3. Attorney General’s Office 91,927 applicants
4. Ministry of Education & Culture 79,976 applicants
5. Ministry of Religion 68,759 applicants
6. East Java Provincial Government 36,465 applicants
7. West Java Provincial Government 31,248 applicants
8. Ministry of Health 30,067 applicants
9. DKI Jakarta Provincial Government 29,725 applicants
10. Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/BPN 28,351 applicants

CPNS 2021 registration has been extended until July 26, 2021. The registration period should end tomorrow, Tuesday (20/7).


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