CR7 faces criticism and mockery in Saudi Arabia

It’s already been a season that the Bicho, Cristiano Ronaldo, passed to Al-Nassr. The Portuguese star scored 14 goals and two assists in 19 games at his new club. His stats look decent at first glance. However, CR7 suffered quite a few setbacks on their Saudi Pro League debut. He, who was announced to bend everything with Al-Nassr, saw himself preceded by Al Ittihad. This counter-performance of the Bicho attracts mockery from all sides.

Emiliano Diaz mocks Cristiano Ronaldo

Emiliano Diaz was the interim coach of Al-Hilal, a club that finished 3e in the Saudi Arabian Championship. The latter observed the game and the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo closer, and does not intend to be fooled by its statistics. According to him, the beginnings of the fivefold Golden Ball are not as radiant as one would like to believe. Emiliano Diaz believes that Ronaldo will not be the “savior” of Al-Nassr. For him, beating Cristiano Ronaldo was child’s play:

“He struggled, we faced him and had a good time. Against the big clubs, he made no difference. He scored three or four goals against the smaller clubs and I saw people talking about him here. He lost the Kings Cup, the Super Cup and the tournament. In Asia, it will not be competitive”.

Diaz told TyC Sports.

Emiliano Diaz continued to poke fun at Cristiano by answering the age-old question of who between Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is the best. According to Diaz, this debate is not necessary. He continues by saying:

“No, they don’t compare, in any way, not at all. There is no possible comparison. We faced Ronaldo less than three months ago and I went to see Leo at the World Cup. We are talking about light years of difference. There is no comparison, but the numbers show, Messi is a monster. At Leo’s level of quality, there is no comparison. »

Al-Ittihad fans chamber CR7

Apart from the mocking words of Emiliano Diaz, Cristiano Ronaldo experienced several humiliations during his debut with Al-Nassr. We remember his first defeat which sounded his elimination from the Saudi Arabian Super Cup. It was a match between Al Ittihad and Al Nassr. Ronaldo’s team lost 3-1. The latter was completely helpless during the meeting. To make fun of him, the fans shouted “Messi, Messi” in the stands. This resounding song demonstrated that Al Ittihad fans are unanimous about Messi’s superiority over Ronaldo. The Portuguese took it very badly and showed several signs of frustration during and after the match.

Either way, Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the best players in the history of this sport. Even mocked, the 38-year-old Portuguese counts stay in Al Nassr. He will have to show another face next season when he faces his ex-teammate Karim Benzema.

All about Al-Nassr:

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