Craftsmen fair in Hamburg: More than 70 exhibitors

Hamburg (dpa / lno) – porcelain, glass, jewelry, gold and silver: more than 70 designers and artisans from all over the world will be presenting their work in the coming days at a trade fair in the Hamburg Museum of Art and Commerce. The exhibitors were selected by an expert jury and show fresh perspectives on traditional handicrafts, as the museum announced on Tuesday. The visitors can therefore look forward to an attractive, exciting and excellent marketplace for international handicrafts. The fair opens on Wednesday and lasts until Sunday.

The 72 participants in the arts and crafts fair were selected from 163 applicants. In addition to European countries, they come from Uruguay, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan and Iran, among others. From Germany exhibitors from Kiel to the Allgäu are represented. Eleven participants come from Hamburg.

More than half of the artists show pieces of jewelry – for example made of silver, gold, iron, steel, copper and bronze, but also made of materials such as wood, crystals or plastic finds from the sea. The second largest group of exhibitors shows ceramics, including high-quality vases, vessels, crockery and sculptures. Artisans who work with textiles or glass are also represented.

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