Craig from Halo Infinite beyond recognition. The developers have significantly improved the appearance of Microsoft’s mascot

Last year’s Halo Infinite presentation allowed players to get to know Craig, whose appearance was one of the reasons for delaying the launch of 343 Industries. The disastrous-looking figure became a meme and then the mascot of the Redmond Corporation. It turns out, however, that the studio did not waste a year and refined its appearance.

The latest gameplay from Halo Infinite made it clear that the developers at 343 Industries have used the extra time to significantly crank up the visuals of the shooter headed for the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and personal computers. Earlier, materials were released that allowed us to believe that Craig has received a significant facelift, but we have received some confirmation of this thesis.

A message was posted on the main Xbox channel that featured the old and new look of Craig – the shot had many positive reactions in the community. And no wonder: after all, the opponent of the Master Chief looks much better.

Microsoft again approached the topic with considerable distance and humor, presenting the well-known meme: “How it started: How it’s going”. The team wasted no time in “lifting” the creature.

Currently, Americans will have to improve their shirts, but will there be mascots with Craig? I am convinced that some fans would certainly like to put a gadget with this antagonist next to the Xbox Series X | S mini fridge.

Craig from Halo - Old and New - Progress 2