Cramer is sick and tired of high-performance companies getting runaround from investors after reporting strong earnings.

"We've seen so many companies report big numbers this quarter, and the market has yawned or even destroyed their stocks for no good reason, except for a misperception," he said.

Using the example of the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Cramer pointed to the good results, as the CEO of the cruising giant described in "Mad Money". However, investors have almost given up on the stock, which fell by more than 8 percent in 2018.

"It's viewed as a cyclical company with a Boom and Bust stock, and everyone behaves as if we were going into a bust, and I think that's clearly wrong," he said, noting that all Norwegian Vessels are fully booked For 2019, the company has already booked 65 percent of its rooms. "How can this be a cyclical company?"

He noted that the skeptics were wrong in most of their criticisms: the cruise operator raises prices and does not keep them flat; Increasing capacity to adapt to demand; He attracted younger customers and benefited from lower oil prices, he argued.

Rather than calling the Norwegian brand "Show Me" stock, investors should become aware of the idea that the company "showed" and that its stock should be "bought," Cramer said. "Enough now."



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