Crazy bet could make a fan rich – if France becomes world champion

Already predicted six championships
Wrong bet could make a fan rich – if France becomes world champion

If France becomes soccer world champion, the corks should really pop for a fan. He has already correctly predicted six champions in different leagues. Now he is only missing one French title for the jackpot.

One fan will likely be paying particular attention to the World Cup in Qatar in the coming weeks. Because there it is not only decided which nation will raise the golden trophy shortly before Christmas. It also decides if a fan can win a crazy bet. “Only” France has to become world champion for that.

It seems absolutely crazy which betting slip was circulating on social networks on Sunday evening. According to this, a man has already guessed six different championships correctly and could make a whopping profit of $ 557,000 from a $ 25 stake for a world title from France in Qatar.

The man had already guessed the soccer champions in Italy (AC Milan) and England (Manchester City) correctly. On Sunday he was also happy with Los Angeles FC, who won the US MLS league in a thrilling duel. Previously, he also backed champions in the NHL (Colorado Avalanches), NBA (Golden State Warriors), and US collegiate basketball (Kansas).

So if France were to become world champions as well, the fan would have guessed a total of seven champions correctly. A crazy quote. However: with the bookmakers, Brazil is currently the absolute top favorite for the title in Qatar.