Crazy doctor coolly announces that ‘combating overpopulation is government’s hidden agenda’

“On YouTube, Pieksma explains as Mrs. Covid explains how she views the corona crisis. In her latest video, posted more than two weeks ago, she suggests that all governments at the behest of the World Economic Forum have a hidden agenda to combat overpopulation.

“I fully agree that you should not spread conspiracy theories that are not based on scientific research. But the governments make policies that are not based on scientific research at all, I respond to that. Conspiracy theories had a negative ring to me, but they start to lose that negative ring after a year and a half.”

Only a year and a half: so it can go that fast. From highly educated medical scientist to completely insane and above all dangerous conspiracy theorist in just 18 months. And if only this, now almost retired GP, was the only one, but now the internet is full of serious doctors, researchers or former Pfizer owners who pick up one deadly fake news lie after another and thus keep people from a life-saving vaccine and avoid a pandemic unnecessarily survival. Let’s just hope the World Economic Forum has the eradication of anti-vaxxing doctors as its hidden agenda.