Crazy evening! Millions won and meeting the fan. What did the winner show?


Hansen went to her first UFC match at an event in Las Vegas, so betting on a young fighter in a battle with Chinese-American American Jinh Yu Frey might have gone crazy. “It’s a lot of money bet on someone who makes his UFC debut. But now I can only congratulate him, “laughed the successful warrior.

She had known less than an hour before the match that someone had bet a pack of money on her. It didn’t make her nervous or pressurized. “Why should I be under pressure? I’m not responsible for the ticket coming out. I was rather pleased that people trust me so much, “she confided, saying that she had no idea who had taken such a step. And she laughed that it must have been a crazy man.

An even crazier experience awaited the young warrior a few hours later at the airport, where a successful bettor had joined her. A fan of martial arts as well as betting known on social networks as “zayytiggy” flew home from Las Vegas and came across “his” heroine. “The meeting was really crazy, I met a guy who bet me that kind of money,” the warrior laughed.

I consider freedom sexy, wrote the former MMA wrestler. And so she undressed

The man in question boasted a winning ticket so that the warrior would believe that it really was him. “I’m always a little crazy when betting, but now I’m doing well, I’ve been winning for three weeks in a row,” he boasted. problems in defending attacks, which was confirmed. And the reward was sweet. Thanks to Hansen’s victory, he was twenty thousand dollars richer. “Exactly, her defense is up to h … o,” the warrior smiled.

She received a starting fee of $ 12,000 for the match, she received the same reward for winning the match. But she could also look forward to a $ 50,000 bonus for the performance of the evening. When praised by the legendary Ronda Rousey, she was in seventh heaven. “Congratulations. I’m really looking forward to what I see from you, “the legend praised Hansen on Twitter.

“Maybe one day the little girls will look up at me again. It’s great that we support ourselves like this, “said the 20-year-old warrior with pride.


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