Crazy foxes are walking around Mordovia

Crazy foxes are walking around Mordovia

On the territory of Mordovia in April there were registered three unfavorable points on animal rabies in Bolsheignatovsky and Ichalkovsky districts. Total in April this year in Russia recorded 264 cases of rabies. The greatest number of cases was detected in Belgorod, Volgograd, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Moscow, Saratov and Tula oblasts. Most rabies is noted: in foxes – 91 cases, in dogs – 81, in cats – 45, in cattle – 22.

Rabies is an acute virus disease of animals and humans, characterized by signs of polyoencephalomyelitis and absolute lethality. Infection of humans and animals occurs by direct contact with the sources of the rabies pathogen as a result of a bite or ablation of damaged skin or external mucous membranes. Intact skin is impervious to the virus.

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