Crazy GP in Mugello: Kimi scores two points

Kimi Raikkonen: «It was definitely not the calmest race, but we finally managed to take some points home, so we can be happy about that. My race started badly, I don’t know what exactly happened at turn two, but I was hit and suffered a lot of damage. I had a slow pit stop but luckily the second red flag got us back into the fight. Then I received a penalty, which didn’t help, but after the second red flag I was able to do a few good laps and in the end only lost one place. It was far from the perfect race, but despite all the problems, we still brought home two important points. It’s still a bit of a shame because we’ve made some good progress and I think we could have done better with a cleaner afternoon, but hopefully we’ll carry that performance into the next few races. “

Antonio Giovinazzi: “It’s really frustrating to end a race like this without having done a single lap, although I’m happy for the team that they scored. I felt good in the car and who knows how the race could have gone. I can’t say much about the accident other than that it was a very dangerous situation. Fortunatly nobody was hurt. With such a long straight it was always a problem and we have to think about how we can prevent this situation from happening again in the future. “

Teamchef Frédéric Vasseur: “A very good result to get back into the points, even if there is still the feeling that we could have achieved more with a cleaner race. It was a very tough afternoon with a lot of things not working out in our favor and bringing home a top ten finish shows the strength and resilience of this team. To see Kimi fall off a large piece of ground and a front wing from his car before the end of the first lap and lose Antonio when he restarted the race was a big blow. But we dug deep and did everything we could to turn the weekend around. The very eventful race and the fact that Kimi had to drive a damaged car throughout the race masked our progress a bit, but that we were able to open a gap with our rivals that was big enough to get the penalty we received in the closing stages Nearly wrecking it shows how much progress we’ve made. We are definitely going in the right direction and today’s result can motivate us a lot. “

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