Crazy! Selling Wife for IDR 500 Thousand Playing Once, This Husband in Serang Also Invites His Twins When Serving Customers, The Reason Is Shock – All Pages

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GridPop.ID – A husband should be able to protect his wife and family.

Not only that, the husband must also be able to provide a decent living for his family.

However, this crazy thing was actually done by the husband in Serang.

The reason, he actually had the heart to sell his wife to serve the lust of masher men.

Reporting from the page, a man with the initials AR (29) was secured by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Serang City Police because he was suspected of being involved in a criminal case of trafficking in persons (TPPO).

AR is known to sell his wife with the initials EE to a masher through the MiChat application.

“This case is quite unique, so husband and wife agreed to sell (sell) their wife through the MiChat application,” said Serang City Police Chief AKBP Maruli Hutapea to reporters, on Sunday (27/3/2022).

Maruli said that AR sold his wife through a messaging application to find customers who would use his services.

After getting customers, EE served men in the boarding room she rented in the Kaligandu area, Serang City, Banten.

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“They use an application to offer their wife to be sold to interested men. Later, they will be discussed at the boarding house with a single execution of Rp. 500,000,” said Maruli.

In a month, he continued, AR and EE got a profit of Rp. 10 million.

This profit, said Maruli, was used to fulfill his daily life with his two children.

“Based on the results of the interrogation, the perpetrators did it consciously for economic reasons. They said that a month they made a profit of Rp. 10 million,” said Maruli, accompanied by Head of Criminal Investigation Unit AKP David Adhi Kusuma.

While citing news, EE took her twins while serving her customers.

The twins were left in the room next to the room where he served customers.

AR is a private employee from West Jakarta.

Kasatreskrim Serang City Police, AKP David Adhi Kusuma, said the police had named AR as a suspect.

“The suspect sold his wife. The findings in the field, AR and his wife have twins,” he said via instant message to, Sunday (27/3/2022).

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The scene of the incident was in a boarding house in Kaligandu, Serang City.

EE took her two twins and left them in the room next to the room.

“The victim and suspect took their two biological children and then their children moved to a different room,” he said.

In a separate room, EE serves customer sexual services.

After finishing, EE then gave the money to her husband.

The police confiscated evidence in the form of Rp 500,000 in cash, five packs of contraceptives, one pack of used contraceptives, two small boxes of starter packs, and one cell phone.

According to David, AR is suspected of committing a criminal act of trafficking in persons (TPPO).

Apart from that, he also participated in committing obscene acts as referred to in Article 2 paragraph 1 of Law Number 21 of 2007 TPPO Article 296 and Article 506 of the Criminal Code.

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