Crazy things that stars throw out money for

You think you’re bad with money? These stars can do it even less!

Stars can afford ANYTHING they want. Much of it is understandable: great houses and clothes. Luxury trips and nice cars… everyone would probably buy them if it didn’t matter what it cost.

Still, at some point in a star’s life, there seems to come a point where they have everything. And then the rich start throwing their money down the drain and buy stuff that really makes absolutely no sense. Here the Shopping sin hit list of absolutely unnecessary things that stars have bought.

Kylie Jenner, mega influencer and makeup entrepreneur In addition to her business and her brand, she also has a small family. And of course she lives in luxury. Kylie’s fortune is currently estimated at $1 billion.

For them, expenses in the thousands of dollars are the same as cent amounts for “normal” people. Of course, that also applies to the two kids (Daughter Stormi was born in February 2018, son Wolf in March 2022) benefit.

The little wolf owns an exclusive “Doudou” teddy bear from the French luxury label Louis Vuitton. The bear was released in 2005 and only 500 were made. The original price was $9,000. Of course, the now sold-out luxury bear is no longer available for the bargain.
If you want one, you have to go exclusive retail shops and they currently charge around $20,000 for the cuddly toy.



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