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Home Business CRE requests a 5.9% increase "as soon as possible"

CRE requests a 5.9% increase "as soon as possible"

Electricity must increase by 5.9%, according to the CRE. – 20 minutes

The freezing of the regulated rate of electricity during the winter, decided by the government in the middle of the crisis of
"Yellow vests", will be caught later, said Tuesday the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE).
She confirmed her proposal to increase the rate by 5.9%.

The regulated electricity tariff applied by EDF to about 26 million homes is expected to increase by 5.9% "as soon as possible", said CRE, because of the rise in current prices on the wholesale market. "The government takes note of the deliberation of CRE," responded the Ministry of Ecological Transition in a statement. "The government, as the law allows, will not apply these rate increases until the winter heating period is over, to protect French homes, especially the most modest. "

Power supply

"The increase in rates is mainly the result of a rise in wholesale electricity market prices and an increase in the price of electricity capacity, which reflects the tense situation on the security of supply throughout the country. Europe. France remains one of the countries where the rise is the most contained and where electricity remains the cheapest, "he says.

In response to the movement of "yellow vests", the government had decided to freeze this increase so that it does not weigh on the purchasing power of households. At the end of January, the Ministry of the Ecological Transition had indicated that it would use the legal period of three months available to it, until June 1, to decide on the proposal of the sector policeman.


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