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The social networks of Twitter and Facebook have witnessed great indignation after a publication that went viral of an account linked to a certain sector of the fans of Universitario de Deportes, which shows the new model of the meringues shirt for the return of League 1 Movistar.

As usual, the signature Marathon Peru he usually makes innovations in the uniforms of the clubs he wears and the case of Universitario has not been an exception, although in a forced way, despite the paralysis of football due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

However, the design that this time wears the meringues uniform, which was leaked on the social networks of twitter and facebook, has been severely questioned by the fans themselves as it does not respect the historical colors of the club and resembles that of Sporting Cristal.

Bill #UniversityJustice leaked on his social networks the photo of the shirt that University will wear, which is light blue. It should be noted that this design corresponds to the training clothing that the players will wear during their work at the Palestinian Arab club.

“ITS COLLECTION OF GREMCO and Marathon Peru. This is an insult to our colors and disrespect to our history. You are not a University student. Where is our identity? #JusticiaParaLaU”, read in the post that became a trend in the social networks.

The explanation of Carlos Moreno and Marathon

Before this publication, Libero representatives of academic and of Marathon Peru to know their version. Both sources specified that the light blue clothing is only provisional.

The usual training clothes of academic is currently held by the administration of Raúl Leguía who has communicated that he will not deliver it while Carlos Moreno be in front of the club.

Due to this, Marathon Peru was forced to make emergency uniforms with light blue shirts to which the traditional University Sports logo was applied.



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