Creas Benedito Bentes promotes live with the Life Enhancement Center – Maceió City Hall

Live is alluding to the Yellow September campaign

The Municipal Department of Social Assistance (Semas), in partnership with the Center for the Valorization of Life (CVV), will make a live in allusion to the September Yellow campaign. The action is one of the proposals of the Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance (Creas) Benedito Bentes in the month of combating suicide. The conversation will be broadcast at 19:00 today (27), through Creas’ Instagram profile.

As guest speakers, the live will feature the participation of CVV ​​volunteer Tamira Almeida; the social worker, Adriana Barbosa; and the psychologist Aparecida Fonseca. Responsible for being one of the creators of the action, the coordinator of Creas Benedito Bentes, Daniela Almeida, explained the importance of events like this one.

“This live aims to talk about the issue of valuing life, especially this month, alluding to suicide prevention. We are going to provide information with the purpose of preventing suicides and attempts, informing about the work of the Life Enhancement Center and also about the services offered by Creas”, explained Daniela.

Live takes place this Monday (27), at 7pm.

As this is a delicate subject and seen as taboo in society, psychologist Aparecida Fonseca clarified the need to point out the mental problems that are present in the community, in addition to reinforcing the importance of welcoming without prejudice.

“The idea is to promote information, breaking myths and orienting the population about human suffering in a broad way, including those who experience violations of rights or who do not have solid emotional bonds. As this is a complex issue, there are several guidelines that depend on the individual’s situation, but, in general, it is essential to welcome the person without judgment”, highlighted the psychologist.

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It is estimated that in Brazil about 13 thousand suicides are registered every year and one million worldwide. With the incidence of cases worsening due to the pandemic, the secretary of Social Assistance, Carlos Jorge, reinforced the need to alert the population about seeking the necessary help, in addition to affirming the role of the administration of Mayor JHC.

“Working on the mental issue is extremely necessary. The mind is responsible for the entire functioning of our body and taking care of it is essential. Today’s action, addressing the issue of suicide prevention, shows, once again, the management’s concern to take care of those who need it most. Suicide is no joke. If you know someone or are in need of psychological help, seek professional help”, said the secretary.

How to get help?

According to data from the booklet “Informing to prevent”, published by the Brazilian Psychiatric Association (ABP) and the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), 96.8% of registered suicide cases are associated with a history of mental illnesses, which can be treated. Recognizing the problem and accepting help is extremely important for treatment. In case of problems related to mental health, the Life Valorization Center has channel 188, which provides health professionals to listen and help with problems.

Iara Alencar (intern)/Ascom Semas