Create Status FB Regret to Party Until Infected Corona, The Next Day This Man Died

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Jakarta, – Men in California, United States, claimed to regret attending a party. Because because they came to the party, the man named Thomas Macias was exposed to the corona virus.

He revealed this through curhatan on social media Facebook (FB). Tragically, the next day after uploading his complaints, Macias died from Covid-19.

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Macias claimed to be very sorry to attend the party. Because, all this time he has obeyed the rules of social distancing and physical distancing before the local government loosened lockdown.

“Because of my stupidity, I endangered the health of my mother and sister. Hopefully with God’s help, I can survive this (Covid-19),” Macias wrote on his Facebook account.

Macias niece, Danielle Lopez, said her uncle had diabetes. The disease is thought to make corona infected with Macias, becoming increasingly severe.

According to Lopez, from March to early July, Macias left the house only when it was really needed. Because, when he was undergoing strict quarantine because of overweight and diabetes.

But in June, the regional governor relaxed the restrictions. Macias also attended a party in Los Angeles. The guests at the party he attended were not wearing masks.

After the party, Macias underwent a Covid-19 test. This was done after he received the news of his colleague stated positive corona.

“He thinks it’s okay to go out and end up spending time with his friends because he thinks it’s fine. But before that he only goes really when necessary,” explained Lopez.

Macias tested positive for Covid-19 on June 18. Two days later, he uploaded his situation and regrets on Facebook and the day after that, passed away. (NBC News)



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