Created a shrunk super version – ITavisen

Windows 11 is basically an efficient OS that can run on slow hardware.

The core is efficient

The problem is that Microsoft has put in several blocks, among other things for increased security, but there are also many components and background services that are not necessary.

Almost as long as there has been Windows, there have been fans who have worked hard to remove the parts of Windows that are not absolutely necessary.

8GB vs 20GB

Tiny11 (Download – 3GB) is the latest project which is based on Windows 11 22H2.

Instead of a 20+ installation, Tiny 11 only takes 8GB and it is possible to upgrade from Windows 10 and install on unsupported hardware (ie without “TPM” and SecureBoot.)

You almost don’t need RAM either: 2GB is enough.

Removed Edge as well

Some of you will probably also be extra pleased that the creator, “NTDEV” (who is also behind Tiny10), has also scraped away Microsoft Edge so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Fortunately, you will find everything else that is needed, such as the terminal, Microsoft Store, calculator, Notepad and Paint.

It’s also cool that Tiny11 works with non-online accounts by default but with support for a Microsoft account if desired.

People had paid for this

Perhaps there is such a version of Windows 11 that Microsoft can charge for, so they can give away the version with Edge and the advertising that might also come to the file explorer?

Of course, this is not a pirated version, so you will need to activate with a valid Windows 11 license.

It should still be easy enough to upgrade to Windows 11 for free, even from Windows 7.

See Tiny11 running with only 200MB of RAM: