Created the first artificial prion to treat brain diseases

Created the first artificial prion to treat brain diseases

The scientist from the Case Western Reserve Medical School was the first in the world to synthesize the artificial human prion. Development will be useful in the treatment of complex brain pathologies. Prion is an improperly falsified protein. If it binds to the neighboring normal protein in the brain, a domino effect results, leading to the formation of microscopic holes that turn the central organ of the central nervous system into a sponge-like one. Because of this, a person’s condition worsens, dementia and death occur. Among the many types of prion pathologies, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is most common. The reasons for its occurrence for a long time remained a secret for scientists, and now, perhaps, thanks to new research, medicine will suffer some mechanisms of formation of dangerous ailments of the human brain. “Before, we could not fully understand the structure and functions of these proteins. Thanks to the creation of artificial prions in the laboratory, we have become more aware of the features of their structure and replication. This is the decisive factor in the development of inhibitors of their replication and distribution throughout the brain, since it plays a key role in cessation of brain diseases associated with prions, “explained Professor Jiri Safar. According to researchers for the Medical Forum, they synthesized a new and highly destructive human prion from GM-prion protein, which was expressed in intestinal sticks. The scientists also discovered the important cofactor Ganglioside GM1, which is a cellular molecule that modulates the interconnection between cells in the form of transmitted signals, thus initiating infectious replication and the spreading of the prion-associated ailment. The results of the study of scientists allow us to hope for the rapid emergence of new therapeutic strategies using analog medications with a blocking or inhibitory effect on the replication of the human prion.

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