Creative solutions at the 3rd Hackathon for small and medium-sized companies

At the beginning of July, around 40 participants accepted the invitation from the municipal company for structural development in the district of Pfaffenhofen adIlm (KUS) to the premises of Bayernwerk Netz GmbH in Pfaffenhofen. Due to Corona, the final presentation took place on September 15th.

“Digitization is an important building block for the future and is seen as a driver of innovation. The range is wide: Digitalization can open up completely new business models, but it can also simply optimize existing processes,” said KUS Board Member Johannes Hofner at the opening of the event. Companies don’t have to reinvent the wheel right away, they just have to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit and think outside the box. “This is exactly where the idea of ​​the hackathon comes in as a modern and innovative form of generating new solutions,” District Administrator Albert Gürtner continued. In particular, the connection to practice is a great advantage and helps to solve problems in everyday work efficiently and in a timely manner with the help of digital approaches.

Christoph Krause from the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Handwerk in Koblenz guided the participants through the program: “Think colorfully! Bring yourself and your skills into the team. Problems can be thought of and solved in a completely different way when they are networked.” Once the problems have been identified, the teams sit down to coordinate and refine them. It was tinkered, programmed and tinkered.

sound calendar

Purchased advent calendars have one major disadvantage: waste. With a plastic-free paper calendar, Susanne Reuter would like to offer an environmentally friendly alternative. In the first attempt, bird calls should be hidden behind every door. The implementation is carried out using QR codes, the content is stored in a database. The idea is to be realized together with the company CI Cloud Item.

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survey tool

Sebastian Wrobel offers management consulting on the subject of pricing. The degree of professionalization and the potential in the area of ​​price and sales management are to be determined on the basis of an interactive survey app. Instead of an app, an existing tool was found that can be tailored to the needs of management consulting. The prototype will soon be tested on two test customers.

Full Laser

Customer data is often not available in the appropriate format, as required by the laser from M&G Wäger. The programming team has therefore developed a platform through which all work steps run. This makes individual configurations possible without lengthy coordination procedures.

This was followed by an award ceremony for the ideas presented. The “Full Laser” project was delighted with the first prize, a month in the co-working / makerspace of the digital start-up center in the Ingolstadt region (brigk). “Machines such as 3D printers or laser cutters are available in the brigk Makerspace, so that a prototype can be built here,” announced Franz Glatz, Managing Director of brigk. The “Survey Tool” project received a EUR 250 voucher from Bayernwerk Netz GmbH and the “Sound Calendar” project received a EUR 100 expert voucher.

For the first time, the hackathon 2022 was a cooperation event of the business development agencies of Region 10 together with the city of Ingolstadt and the districts of Eichstätt and Neuburg-Schrobenhausen. As part of this, the next hackathon will take place in Neuburg in 2023. Other experienced partners were brigk and the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Handwerk from Koblenz.

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